Mahindra Thar: Soft-Top vs Hard-Top

4x4 offroaders can be had in various configurations. There are varying wheelbases, different body styles and even different types of roofs. Mahindra unveiled the second-generation Thar on August 15, 2020. The offroader is available with a choice of 3 roof options - fixed but removable soft-top, hard-top and a convertible soft-top.

Here's a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of roofs. Which one would you choose?


Purists used to the MM550 & Gypsy might prefer this. It'll be the cheapest in the line-up. However, this version will come with some disadvantages. The soft-top lets more outside noise into the cabin. At speed, the top will flap like crazy. As the soft-top ages, odds are that rain water will get to the cabin & leave you wet. The air-con might not be as effective as with the hard-top, and security is missing (forget about leaving any valuables inside).


With the hard-top, you have the most security, and it will be the most weather-proof. Security is comparable to a regular car, and the NVH will be controlled. The air-con will be the most effective too. On the flip side, the hard-top will be the most expensive of the three roof options. It makes the interiors feel less airy than other versions. You can't open your 4x4 up (at least not easily), and rearward visibility while offroading might be lesser than in the soft-top in which one can easily remove / roll the rear flap up.

The hard-top is more or less for owners who would never cruise with an open 4x4. Because even if you spend lots of hours removing it, few owners will have the space to store that massive hard-top!


Uniquely, the 2020 Thar gets a soft-top which can be easily folded down. Owners of the old Thar / Gypsy / Gurkha will tell you how long it would take to remove the soft top. With the convertible, owners can fold the top quickly (5 minutes) and enjoy acres of blue sky! This version will be an attention grabber.

The disadvantages will be similar to the soft-top. We also don't like the look of it lying at the back (versus a completely removed soft-top), but there is no denying the value of opening up the top in the early morning, and covering it up when the sun gets too hot.

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