Carmakers building EVs for enthusiasts, not environmentalists

After building eco-friendly electric cars for environmentalists, carmakers are now concentrating on fast and powerful electric cars for enthusiasts.

For years, electric vehicles were built to meet emission norms and fuel efficiency standards. But now, automakers are targeting EVs towards enthusiasts as they look to increase market share of EVs. Some of today's EVs have extremely high power output and the instantaneous torque increases acceleration. No one is talking about the efficiency of a Porsche Taycan. Instead, everyone talks about the 751 BHP that the Turbo S variant produces.

Tesla is largely credited in making EVs more enthusiast-friendly. The 0-100 km/h times of Teslas with Ludicrous Mode equalled or bettered the times set by expensive supercars.

According to a media report, in the US in 2018, electric vehicles accounted for 1.2% of the 17.3 million vehicles sold in the country. 80% of these were Teslas. The percentage of electric vehicles to be sold is expected to go up to 9% by 2026.


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