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1962 Fiat 1100 - Sold! May 2008

Aditya’s Team-BHP Garage
1962 Fiat 1100 - Sold! May 2008
Engine Specifications:
  • Carburetted, Water cooled, Longitudinal,
    Inline 4cyl, 1089cc, OHV
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Naturally Aspirated
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol, Stock
  • Stock - Sounds awesome
  • Stock, 4 Speed Manual, Steering Column Mounted Gears, RWD
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Good Year Power Star Crossply 5.20x14
  • Momo Steering Wheel
  • Stock


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Member: Aditya
Created: 31st March 2007 20:01
Last Modified: 4th May 2009 23:26
Views: 5111
Images: 7
Comments: 32

Author Comment Date
Aditya Opposite RBI Colony. Beach Towers. :) 30th June 2011
prateekm Do you stay at RBI colony @ Prabhadevi by any chance? 5th April 2010
karlosdeville The car seems to have gone to a good home. The new owner has already located all the original parts. I expect to see the car at the next Fiat meet 20th May 2008
planet_rocker why did you sell her? how is the new owner? 19th May 2008
Aditya The car has now been sold. 13th May 2008
planet_rocker hey girl! whats up? how are you doing? i hope you are doing fine...! 8th December 2007
hillram Hey Aditya..How did u manage to fit a momo steering? where did u get the hub? i have a 1962 1100 and i want to do the same.pls share details 13th November 2007
Aditya Yes Karl. It was available on Deluxe BU Padminis in the early 80s. This car has it since 1992. I'll ask my garage chap where he got it from. 10th November 2007
karlosdeville Is that a hazard light switch where the ignition switch used to be? Where can I get one? 10th November 2007
planet_rocker also get the air filter cover and the tappet cover chrome plated. it will look awsome! trust me. 6th July 2007
planet_rocker bhaiya - please get the bumpers, grille, hub caps and HL holders nickel / chrome plated. 3rd July 2007
Aditya The Conti is my daily ride. This one's my mom's daily drive. She loves the Fiat and finds the Conti too big. 27th April 2007
planet_rocker BTW, which one is ur daily ride? the fiat or the conti? or do you have a spare one? 27th April 2007
aah78 addy you bum, where the hell did you get the idea of plonking in a MOMO steering wheel!?! :) 18th April 2007
moralfibre 13th April 2007
moralfibre How did I miss this one. Nice car Aditya. I had a 100 meter drive in it for a photo shoot. Keep her intact and with respect. Have fun. 11th April 2007
karlosdeville neat car...and thats the original grille, its the quarterlights that have gone... 10th April 2007
Aditya Quite possible. I don't know if my dad had the grille changed before my birth, but, as far as I can remember, this car has always had this grille. 9th April 2007
Stanher Wow, lovely car! Although ('hope I dont sound picky :P) it looks like its a Select (no so the grille should be different. 9th April 2007
Aditya I've been planning to get them chromed for a while now. Call me lazy! 8th April 2007
planet_rocker oh! i forgot to tell ask you 1thing - why dont you get ur bumpers & hub caps nickeled or chromed? they'l look nice. 7th April 2007
Ricky_63 Beautifully maintained car..... 7th April 2007
planet_rocker radials definitely make the car behave differently. i hope you know that the correct upgrade is 165/80 R14. it has the same rolling radius. 5th April 2007
aah78 this car has been LONG overdue man. finally! - a little clean up hear and there and she'll look HOT!!! waiting for a long-term review a-la Rudra's... 5th April 2007
drifter Nicely done Addy. Thats one fine piece of work. 5th April 2007
Aditya planet_rocker, she's my dad's car and was in scrap condition about 2 years ago. Over the years, the old dynamo has made way for an alternator. 4th April 2007
planet_rocker if possible get the tappet cover and the air filter box nickeled / chromed ...they will definitely look great. although i havent done that in my car. 2nd April 2007
planet_rocker do you have the auto advance distributor? if yes then the vacuum pipe is missing. if not, dont worry! 2nd April 2007
planet_rocker wow baby! she is absolutely fantastic! very well maintained. hey we have the same steering wheel. although mine is a momo replica with a fiat logo. 2nd April 2007
Dippy Ahh finally MRX 6839 makes it to the BHP garage. WE've had so many good times with her isnt it Addy. Just love her has a very special place in my hrt 1st April 2007
egangsta Ady,thats a lovely baby you got there.It was worth waitin for you to upload the pics...Congrats buddy. 1st April 2007
V-16 Wow great car and in great shape too!! 31st March 2007
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