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1996 HM Contessa Classic 1.8GLX - Sold! February 2011

Aditya’s Team-BHP Garage
1996 HM Contessa Classic 1.8GLX - Sold! February 2011
Engine Specifications:
Carburetted, Water cooled, Longitudinal,
Inline 4cyl, OHC, 1817cc,
75bhp @ 5000rpm, 13.8kgm @ 3000rpm

Engine Misc.:

Turbocharger & Induction:
Naturally Aspirated

Fuel & Tuning:
Petrol, Stock


Stock 5 Speed Manual, RWD

Weight reduction & transfer:

Suspension, wheels & tires:
Front - Independent suspension with coil springs, wish bones, anti-roll bar and hydraulic double acting shock absorbers
Rear - 5-link suspension, coil springs, anti-roll bar, Panhard rod and hydraulic double acting shock absorbers
5J X 13 Pressed steel, Bridgestone S248 175/80 R13

JVC KD-G413 CD / MP3 / WMA Player


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Member: Aditya
Created: 1st December 2005 23:03
Last Modified: 11th June 2011 18:29
Views: 19025
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Comments: 41

Author Comment Date
ameet_pv That's a beautiful Conty you have. Please post some snaps of the engine bay & Dash board for reference. 20th April 2011
mycarhasablower Very few contis have the good fortune of a caring owner, yours is lucky, dont let go of her. I just bought one 3 months back , will restore it to factory specs .will be starting a conti owners club in delhi soon, one in bangalore may also start soon. wish there was one in mumbai too and then with the numbers(number of conti owners) on our side we could do something abt the spare parts problem. 29th August 2010
dhrishikesh The Indian Mustang !!! 23rd December 2009
IndrojitSircar Do send me a PM with price and oher details when you decide to sell her.Thankx 19th October 2009
Aditya Yep. She's on her way out. Will be a sad moment for me when she goes. 14th April 2009
planet_rocker Your signature has any link with this? 18th March 2009
Aditya Running fine at the moment. No problems at all. 2nd February 2009
planet_rocker how is she running? 30th January 2009
JPL nice gangster car (politician) 30th January 2009
planet_rocker what is with your new signature? please update... 3rd September 2008
salilpawar1 I saw your car at Worli a few days ago.
How about painting Bridgestone in white on the tyres?
Also paint BACK OFF on the mudflaps. Looks cool!
29th May 2008
planet_rocker aditya - hows the work going on? restoration complete? were you able to source the parts you were looking for? keep us updated. 19th May 2008
kavesh55 Cool machine man. liked the indicators in the front though. 21st November 2007
Aditya I get between 7 and 9kpl in the city depending on the use of the AC. 60K is too steep for a Conti. If the car's in great shape, 40 - 45K. 17th October 2007
route666 aditya i got an offer for 60k for this same you think it's worth it. and how much does she drinks. 17th October 2007
Aditya Yes sfilinto. I've done that many times. Twice with Team-BHP members. 15th October 2007
sfilinto nice pics. did you drive down to panjim ? 14th October 2007
sabret00the my most favourite Indian 17th June 2007
team dragstar adi you migh wanna check this thread... 10th December 2006
drifter Aah i see some goa snaps....good ol days....great car man! 4th December 2006
shazikon hey nice ride Aditya!! Did you ever thought of plonking in a Chevy big block engine? 17th October 2006
yogesh sarkar Always loved the way Contessa looks, rough and ready to start a brawl 4th July 2006
Boom Shiva Hey bro, nice car. Conty was the first car I ever had...a real beast. 23rd April 2006
Deeps Aditya, a review is the least that this car deserves! 24th March 2006
Aditya Thanks Sinner. The car's certainly not as quick as it was, but, still manages to cross 140km/h. It cruises at 120km/h in a very relaxed manner. 23rd March 2006
sinner Ahhh so someone at Team BHp also owns the orignal and the only indian Muscel car... nice man,, howz the performance now 23rd March 2006
Aditya Ram, this car was built in 1996. I have it since December 2000. 12th February 2006
ram Aditya, How long have you had this Contessa? 12th February 2006
kkanishka buddy i am working on mine will post the pics and performance details soon 1st February 2006
asithraj Woah! And I thought I was the sole Contessa fan. I have plans to buy a Contessa and make it into a convertible with a air scoop on the hood 1st February 2006
monster tunes good stuff i also having one with lot of modifications 26th January 2006
Aditya Right Rtech, needs more muscle and better quality. 14th December 2005
Rtech The quintessential Indian muscle car! Just need more muscle ;) 12th December 2005
devarshi84 ever thought of giving it alloys with spinner???? I once had this Idea to modify a conti. Wasnt able to do it though. 12th December 2005
Aditya This car came with twin headlamps as standard fitting. HM got rid of the rectangular headlamps in 1996 because they were too weak. 10th December 2005
Steeroid I think the Conti looks best with the rectangular headlamps - did you get yours changed, because I thought the twin lamps were a diesel special>< 10th December 2005
falcon Nice!!! How about some snaps of the interiors. 8th December 2005
aah78 aahh, the contessa. always a hot favourite. addy, beef it up a little, buddy. 3rd December 2005
lamborghini That is one of my favorite cars. We just sold ours off (1988 model) and i will post pics soon but don't have the tech. specs as it is older then me. 2nd December 2005
dceite Thats one Rough and tough looking machine 2nd December 2005
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