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Default Re: How are you spending time in the lockdown?

Unfortunately no spare time for me as it抯 work at full swing at office and being in IT and everyone working from home means non stop escalations and meetings. But, shut down my laptop and spent some time with my daughter (6 yrs) and we learnt some magic tricks which she now does with aplomb, did a mono acting with masks for her friends over zoom, she is learning Carnatic music and helped setup infra for them. No Netflix or Amazon prime intentionally for anyone at home. She is now learning glass paintings and Origami.
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Default Re: How are you spending time in the lockdown?

Originally Posted by AJ-got-BHP View Post
Another thing I have managed to do is help wifey make some Dalgona Coffee and Chocolate Donuts at home !
They look delicious! My sister introduced me to Dalgona Coffee very recently. I dont know how I missed that till now, but its my favourite thing now!

Thanks for bringing this to light ! What an amazing build up that is. It is identical to what we used to have earlier named LEGO Mechanica/ Technica. Never knew Mi Xiaomi had anything like this on offer.
I'm trying to get my hands on a LEGO Technica kit, I'll ask my friends to get one from the USA, once this pandemic situation settles down.

This one by Xiaomi though, is a little inferior to the Technica. We don't get any of those motors in this kit. Good old gears do the part here. On the upside, this one costs a fraction of what LEGO technica costs. It screams VFM

Will take up this project with my 4 year old son during this lockdown. Thanks once again.
Perfect thing to do with the little ones!
Back then, Lego was my favourite thing being a kid. I hope you'll have as much fun that Inhad back then! Do post images of the project after making it!
Stay safe and have fun!
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Default Re: How are you spending time in the lockdown?

Frankly, I don't know how I'll cope up after this lock down fracas ends. I haven't set alarms since March 21st. Haven't worked since then. Have watched a few movies. But have been going to the terrace regularly with my camera to either shoot birds or flowers. Bathe as I wish, but eat regularly and exercise regularly. My terrace has become my sanctuary. I don't cook but make coffee and tea and do the dishes. Waiting for this lock down to end.
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Default Re: How are you spending time in the lockdown?

I've been getting more into gaming. Putting in a lot of hours on Forza Motorsport 7 and F1 2019. Getting into leagues on these games is a really good way to pass time. Competitive and clean racers makes for a fun and intense experience. All BHPians on the XBox can set up a TeamBHP championship.
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